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With Maukaa’s state-of-the-art filming location, artists portfolio, vendor network and distribution support, aspiring Filmmakers can now fulfill their dreams of producing a film, web series, TV show or advertisement with zero investment.


Currently, the $2 Billion Indian Film Industry is dominated by a handful Artists, Media Companies & Production Houses, allowing very little opportunity for outsiders. Maukaa opens the door for all talent with more opportunities in the film industry through innovative products and service offerings.


India's most trusted film partnership program

Be in control of your filming career and work on projects that you love.


Financing Fixed Costs

Maukaa connects investors with filmmakers to sponsor all fixed-costs involved in a filming project.

Distribution Depending on the content, it will be distributed on leading OTT platforms.


Writers submit their script's brief on Maukaa and categorizes them based on story theme, length, language, etc.

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Producer selects a story from Maukaa library, then coordinates and supervises the entire production and crew.

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Director leads the creative aspects of the project from pre to post-production and manages team of Assistant Directors

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Screenwriter infuses life into the story with power of imagination and art of writing dialogues to prepare the Screenplay.

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A cinematographer is selected and briefed on the story, filming schedule and asked to set up the camera crew.

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Lead Actors, Supporting Actors, Performers, and other artists are screened and auditioned on Maukaa Showcase.

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Filming Location

Maukaa's own 25-acre production studio and vast network of filming locations offer convenient options to the team for shooting.

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Maukaa Showcase

Maukaa Showcase

You can build your own dream team and screen all the available resources to make your filming project a success with Maukaa’s advance discovery platform.

From Actors to Directors, Studios to Filming Locations, Post-production team, etc., Maukaa will help you find a reliable partner you have been looking for.

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Maukaa's Exclusive Star Offers Program

A discount hub for Maukaa members with access to special pricing on gym memberships, sports apparel, co-working spaces, salon & spa services, home maintenance services, travel and other useful amenities from leading brands.

Mentoring & Workshops

Participate in excellent workshops & access resources to keep your skills up to date

Professional Portfolio

Build your portfolio at highly affordable prices and show your talent impressively

Legal & Paperwork

Access to best lawyers for safeguarding your interests

IT Filing & Advisory

Free Annual Tax Filing Support and Finance management for a secured future.

Loan Support from Leading Banks

Assistance with loan paperwork to increase approval chances.

Social Media Management

Access to best lawyers for safeguarding your interests


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Maukaa empowers Filmmakers and Artists with resources to create powerful content for Films, Web Series, TV Series, Theatre and Commercials