Our Story

We believe that when the right talent meets the right opportunity in a company with the right philosophy, amazing transformation can happen

- Reid Hoffman, Founder (LinkedIn)

India is a country of talented and hardworking people and also the land of opportunities. The magic works when the right talent meets the right opportunity. So far, this is left to the great magician’s luck, and we find many lucky stories in the dreamland of Mumbai and other creativity centers. But under the bright light of each success story, we can only estimate for hundred tragic ones where the talent could not find the right opportunity to showcase their worth and fade into dark corners of studios and sets.

Besides this, many small-town innocent youths get caught up in the web of touts and scoundrels. They would also land up as unfortunate victims of casting couch or money exploitation. Maukaa will provide them a transparent ecosystem right from the time the incumbent talented youth leaves his or her home to travel to Mumbai or other workplaces. Maukaa will also help and co-ordinate all logistics and legal assistance to those youth.

Maukaa has its first job in hand to provide a dignified way of living and earning for the talented youth that are looking for a break in the film industry.

Our Vision

To build a Centre of Excellence for Arts and Culture and bring new opportunities, talent and expertise under one roof.

Empowering the Women of India

Talented women in India have experienced several challenges not just culturally but also professionally in the film industry. Women empowerment is one of the core principles of Maukaa. 

Our strong network of resources and tenacity to create new opportunities help women in forging a successful path safely and confidently in the rapidly evolving film industry.

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Creating New Opportunities

“Maukaa” aims to provide networking for all budding artists like actors, writers, dancers, musicians alike to register and enroll on its platform for pan India and global reach. Besides this, the Maukaa platform will host interactive sessions of auditions and competition throughout India to scout for budding artists.

India is having approximately 200 cities and towns having a working population of more than two lacs as per the 2001 census out of a total of about 643 district centers in the whole country. Therefore, we have a roll-out plan of accessing 100 towns during the first year, followed by more in the coming years and finally to 500 towns during the next three years to have a pan-India footprint.

Great Opportunities. Amazing Networking. Successful Career.

Make the most of your Maukaa

The Maukaa platform aims to generate new business and self-employment opportunities in India and beyond.

From media companies to production houses, actors to filmmakers, our goal is to bring everyone on one platform to empower new connections and relationships for a lifetime.

Sign up on Maukaa today! It’s quick to join, simple to use and an indispensable tool for Art & media professionals.

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Work with us

Maukaa empowers Filmmakers and Artists with resources to create powerful content for Films, Web Series, TV Series, Theatre and Commercials