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Professional Photoshoot & Showreel

Available in Mumbai & Delhi

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Participate in workshops & access resources to improve your skills

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Your profile is your Maukaa to create a great first impression. Make it count because first impressions last.

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We will verify and polish your profile if required to make it more casting friendly. Team Maukaa will help you out at every step from here on out.

find your maukaa

We at Maukaa will help you find your Maukaa for a breakthrough. Let the world witness the star that shines within you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

For a limited time, Maukaa is offering free memberships to aspiring Actors.

Movie, TV Series, Ad Films, Web Series, Short Films, Theatre, Music Video and YouTube Ads

The goal of Maukaa profile is to give casting directors a 360-degree view of actors registered on the platform. This helps in more efficient screening process which in turn brings more casting directors on our platform. As an actor, you will be asked to submit your bio, physical statistics, academic info, photoshots, intro video, voice modulation and acting interests.

While getting professional photos of you is highly recommended, you may also use a smartphone with high definition camera to click your photographs.

To record a professional intro video, see the youtube video below:

Maukaa requires all Artists to submit their Audio-reels or Voice modulation script. You can pick any script of your choice and record using your phone and upload .mp3 file while creating your Maukaa profile. You can also WhatsApp the audio file on our support number and our team will upload it on your profile.


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